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Central Otago, New Zealand

This collection of 56 images portrays the Poolburn lake and its surrounding terrain in a mountain range of the Maniototo region of Central Otago in the lower part of the South Island of New Zealand.

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The images were taken in two visits in Winter 2005. The special geographic feature of Poolburn, in common with much other Central Otago terrain, is the presence of the strikingly foliated sandstone-quartz stone called schist. Large and sometimes huge monoliths of this remarkably sculptural rock are found all over the landscape which is otherwise mainly tussock-grass which provides grazing for cattle and New Zealand's famous merino sheep. The natural schist monuments around Poolburn lake provide a mystical and dramatic scenery which has fascinated artists and photographers for over 100 years.

The photographs for this collection were made at a time when Poolburn lake was partially frozen over which gives an eerie emphasis to the generally lonely and inhospitable ambience of this remarkable landscape. By contrast, in summer, Poolburn lake is a favourite resort for trout fishing, old huts for which are to be found dotted around the lakeside and occasionally in rocky reccesses on higher ground some distance from the shoreline.