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ERETZ IMAGES INTERNATIONAL, founded in 2006, is a world-wide geographic and ethnographic photo-agency. Its working membership is limited to a restricted number of carefully-selected photojournalists who share its strongly focussed aims and ethics.

Our agency is not in any way a photo-bank, but a flexible and accommodating organisation of ardently freelance geographic photographers. Their subject matter and projects are not directed politically or artistically by outside interests, including any media. Rather, their assignments are chosen and tailored by their photographic visions and passions and special knowledge and expertise in their individual areas of interest.

New photojournalist membership is presently being sought and invited world-wide, and is decided by portfolio and face-to-face interview by one or both of Eretz Images International's founding members whose collective photojournalistic experience has ranged, since the early 1970s, over lands as diverse as New Zealand, Australia, the North American continent, the Middle East, the Orient, Scandanavia, Holland, France, Italy, Greece, England, Northern Ireland, and more recently Belgium.

The work currently displayed on this site is being regularly added-to.

Expressions of Interest, both from intending applicants for membership and from publications or organisations contemplating commissioning Eretz Images International for specific projects and assignments, should be sent via the contact page of this website.